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About Us

AfterOfficeHours.Com is an up to date version of the books and directories kept at home by people in the transport, shipping, insurance and international trade worlds who are liable to be called by their clients in some kind of emergency. It is designed to add a new usefulness to the presentation of contact information and to serve as an internationally known help site.

The Founders of AfterOfficeHours.Com are Humphrey Hill and Sam Ignarski who have worked together for the best part of 20 years, first as partners in a well known firm of mutual insurance managers on behalf of leading Clubs in the shipping and intermodal industries and now as colleagues in new ventures.


If you would like to get in touch with us contact us at the following address

Our technology partner is Ake Nilson of Marinade Ltd who has done much of the design work for this site. You can contact him at:

AfterOfficeHours.com, 1 Gainsford Street, London SE1 2NE, UK